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Preliminary Program

The organizers remains their right to adjust the times and the program. All times are given as “Time Berlin” MESZ = UTC+2; GMT+1

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Exhibitors and Spornsors


The conference room of “Hurricane Factory Berlin GmbH”, Waßmannsdorfer Allee 3, 12529 Schönefeld, Berlin
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27 March 2023, Monday

All times are given as "Time Berlin" MESZ = UTC+2; GMT+1

Session: Scanning and product development
Session chair: Yordan Kyosev

Opening Words
Yordan Kyosev
TU Dresden, Germany

Keynote: Exploring Open source solutions to bespoke pattern construction to support pattern engineering
Simeon Gill
Univerity of Manchester, United Kingdom

Curvature analysis of moving bodies and its application for development of protective elements for safety clothing
Dominik Muenks, Yordan Kyosev
TU Dresden, Germany

New CAD software possibilities for development of 3D textile products - Demonstration of a workflow from mobile 3D body scanning to Pattern making
Antonius Köster
Antonius Köster GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, KG

Coffee Break 10:20 - 11:00

Latest developments from Lectra
Karin Schiller 1
1Lectra, Germany

Evaluating the leg geometry during motion for footwear products using 4D scanning
Tatjana Spahiu1, Yordan Kyosev2, Jessica Boll2, Kathrin Pietsch2
1 Textile and Fashion Department, Polytechnic University of Tirana; 2Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Material Technology (ITM), TU Dresden,Germany

Dress, Dance and Dive in Culture - 4D Body scanning for conservation of traditional dances,
Priniotakis George1 Ann-Malin Schmidt2, Yordan Kyosev2
1Uniwa, Greece; 2Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Material Technology (ITM), TU Dresden, Germany

Scan avatar rigging challenges and their effects on clothing simulation
Fatma Baytar, Yoon Yang, Mona Maher, Aditi Galada
Cornell University, United States

12:25 Lunch Break

Session: Biomechanics
Session chair: Lukas Capek

Pressure-Point-Garments: Haptic Stimulation of the Body Enabled through a Fashionable 3D-Textile Interface
Laura Deschl
Laura Deschl, Interdisciplinary Designer and Researcher,, Germany
Development of an iterative process for dynamic pattern drafting by means of 3D flattening
Gabriela Kosel1, Katerina Rose1, Holger Cebulla,2
1Reutlingen University, Germany; 2TU Chemnitz, Germany

Development of avatars with mechanical properties of the human body for verification of their behavior under the effect of tight fitting clothing
Elena Alida Brake 1 , Yordan Kyosev2, Katerina Rose1
1Reutlingen Research Institute, Germany, 2 TU Dresden, Germany

Development of soft avatars using combined solid-shell finite element modelling
Ann-Malin Schmidt, Yordan Kyosev
TU Dresden, Germany

The influence of the body's biomechanics on the geometry of clothing patterns
Manuela Avadanei1, Malina Rosca2, Diana Vatra2,
1Technical University Gheorghe Asachi Iasi, Romania, 2SC Gemini CAD System, Romania

Lower leg fracture - flip side of the trampoline jumping
Lukas Capek1,2
1TU Liberec, 2Regional Hospital Liberec, Czechia

Coffee Break 15:20 - 16:00

Dynamic human aerodynamics: opportunities in cycling competition
Stijn Verwulgen
University of Antwerp,Belgium,

Use of the FEM to support orthosis development for scoliosis
Florian Fritz, Sibylle Schmied

Pressure of medical compression products: comfort level
Olena Kyzymchuk1, Yordan Kyosev2, Liudmyla Melnyk1
1Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Ukraine, 2Technical University Dresden,Germany

Analysis of lower-body dimensions and their implementation in compression garment development
Kasey Hatch1, Carol McDonald2, Anke Klepser3, Kristina Brubacher1,Simeon Gill1
1University of Manchester,United Kingdom, 2IEEE Standards Association,United States, 3Hohenstein,Germany

Designing a Wearable Breathing Trainer for Children with Dysfunctional Breathing
Melissa van Schaik
Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Academie Creatieve Technologie (ACT), Van Galenstraat 19, 7511 JL Enschede, The Netherlands

Development of functional clothing for air sports
Uwe Reichert1, Jana Siegmund2, Sybille Krzywinski2, Sebastian Schubert3
1rainbow design GmbH, Fehrbellin, Germany, 2ITM, Chair of Development and Assembly of Textile Products, TU Dresden, Germany, 3Chair of flight mechancis and control, TU Dresden, Germany

Dinner Buffet, Sponsor Presentations, Short/Poster Presentations, Workshop and Networking

Presentations of the sponsors and exhibitors

Dinner Buffet

Theoretical training and practical experiments in the area of body-clothing-air interaction in the wind channel of Huricane Factory (in small groups, the individual time table will be prepared with all participants

Tour around the technic behind the Hurricane Factory


Poster and onlinepresentations

Development of a sustainable bio-based artificial turf system and evaluation of the influence on football players and their playing behaviour
Rahel Krause, Franz Pursche, Joseph Faymonville, Theresa Rüdiger, Ulrich Berghaus, Thomas Gries
ITA, RWTH Aachen, Germany

3d simulation in fashion industry and “mass-customisation”
Amine Haj Taieb
ISAMS, University of SFAX, Tunisia

Parametric Nurbs Sleeves for Orthopedic Bandage Simulation
Franz Dietrich

Comparison of Avatar size and human size in simulation of CLO Software
Siamak Nazemi1, Sara Parvini Sani2
1Islamic Azad university of south Tehran fashion and textile design Department, Iran, 2Elmi Karbordi University, Iran

Effect of time on nesting module of Pattern making software (case study Gerber and Fashion Studio)
Siamak Nazemi, Ardeshir Ganji, Reza Akbari Bengar
Islamic Azad university of south Tehran fashion and textile design Department, Iran

Comparative studies on thermal comfort of animal fibers
Bayar Myagmar,,Oyunchuluun Lkhagvasuren, Altantsetseg Chuluun
Mongolian University of Arts and Culture,Mongolia

28 March 2023, Tuesday

Session: Digital Human Modelling Applied to Textile Products
Session chair: NN

The future of dynamic anthropometry using 4D scanning technology
Jorge Valero

Combining protective clothes with human body models for FE ballistic impact simulations
Matthias Boljen; Marcin Jenerowicz, Steffen Bauer, Elmar Straßburger
Human Body Dynamics, Fraunhofer-Institut für Kurzzeitdynamik, Ernst-Mach-Institut, EMI Freiburg, Germany

Landmarking for Improved Digital Product Creation
Emma Scott1, Katherine Schildmeyer2, Carol McDonald 3,Alfredo Ballester 4, Gerald Ruderman5,
1Fashion Should Empower, Canada, 2KS Apparel Design & Consulting, United States, 3Gneiss Concept, United States, 3Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia, Universitat PolitŠcnica de ValŠncia, Spain, 5Zdoit, United States

Skin and Soft Tissue Modeling and its Impact on Apparel Modeling
Randy k Rannow1 Emma Scott2Katy Schildmeyer3, Carol McDonald4, Alfredo Ballester5
1Silverdraft, United States,2FSE, Canada,3KS Apparel Design & Consulting, United States, 4Gneiss Concept, United States, 5IBV, Spain

Clothing-body perceptual responses pre- and post-purchase
Julia Wilfling1, George Havenith1, Margherita Raccuglia2, Simon Hodder1,
1Loughborough University,United Kingdom, 2adidas,Germany,

User-centred design of firefighters' clothing: Analysis of user needs by means of a qualitative and quantitative survey
Rahel Krause, Justin Kühn, Carsten Schiffer, Thomas Gries,
Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University, Germany

11:00 Coffee Break

Influence of environmental temperature on textile hand feel perception
Lars Claussen1, Kimberley Lim1, Julia Wilfling1, Daniel Ruiz2, Alex Lloyd1,
1Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre, Loughborough School of Design and Creative Arts, Loughborough University, United Kingdom, 2adidas Innovation, adidas AG, Germany

Participatory product development for innovative smart garments
Laura Tihon1,2, Monika Fuchs2, Hans-Liudger Dienel1
1TU Berlin, Germany, 2HW Berlin, Germany

Comparison of water vapor and thermal resistance by classical devices and manikin
Adnan Mazari
TU Liberec, Czechia

A Fibrous Sandwich PCM Encapsulation for Personal Thermal Regulation
Kai Yang1, Mohanapriya Venkataraman1, Jakub Wiener1, Xiuling Zhang1, Guocheng Zhu2
1Technical University of Liberec,Czechia, 2Zhejiang Sci-tech University,China

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch Buffet

Definition of a thermal comfort rating scale for hiking boots,
Eleonora Bianca, Francesca Dotti, Ada Ferri,
Politecnico di Torino,Italy

Lab methods vs real life use – clothing characteristics for human thermal modelling
Agnes Psikuta
Empa, Switzerland

Calorimetry on skin, undressed and dressed with single-layer knitwear,
Boris Bauer

The physiological comfort factor in the design of physiotherapy uniforms
Nataliya Sadretdinova1,2, Yordan Kyosev2
1Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Ukraine, 2TU Dresden,Germany

Session: Material characterisation
Session chair: NN

Enhanced washability and anti-abrasion property of EMI shielding clothing fabric
Shi Hu, Dan Wang, Dana Kremenakova, Jiri Militky
Technical University of Liberec, Czechia

Preliminary ultrasonic welding and washing tests of fungal mycelium nanofiber composites for possible use in medical clothing
Al Mamun 1, Monika Fuchs2, Elisabeth Eppinger2, Cornelia Golle2 Lilia Sabantina2,
1Junior Research Group “Nanomaterials”, Faculty of Engineering and Mathematics, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, 33619 Bielefeld, Germany, 2Department of Design and Culture, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin, University of Applied Sciences, 12459 Berlin,Germany,

15:45 Coffee Break

Growth of Vertically Aligned ZnO Nanorods for Multifunctional Textiles
Muhammad Zaman Khan, Jiri Militky, Blanka Tomkov, Dana Kremenakova, Michal Petru,
Technical University of Liberec,Czechia

Transport of liquid sweat through the multilayer textile assembly
Malgorzata Matusiak, Otgonsuren Sukhbat
Lodz University of Technology, Poland

Respiratory protective devices: development, requirements and test methods
Inga Dabolina1, Eva Lapkovska1, 2Inese Filipova
1Riga Technical University,Latvia, 2Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, Latvia,

Characterization of textile layers protecting against penetration of particles
Dana Kremenakova, Jakub Wiener, Jiri Militky, Jana Saskova
Technical University of Liberec, Czechia

Session: CAD Systems

Automated clothing pattern grading process using dxf files
Agnieszka Cichocka,Monika Balach,Iwona Frydrych
Lodz University of Technology, Poland


29 March 2023, Wednesday, Dresden

29 March 2023, Wednesday, Dresden

30 March 2023, Thursday, Dresden

(Optional, if the other gets overbooked) 31 March 2023, Friday, Dresden